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Sonya Levin  has studied dance in Moscow at Alexander Shishkin School of Contemporary Dance;   Nikolay Ogryzkov School of  Contemporary Dance ; Butoh dance technique at the «Theater -School of Dramatic Art» of Anatoliy Vasilyev ;  has academy degrees in performance and choreography from «SEAD» [Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance]. While studying at SEAD Sonya participated in projects of invited choreographers as a performer and also assisted the choreographers on the creating process (such as «Le ballet C. De La B.»  extracts from «Foi» by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and «Happy together» by Stephanie Cumming, «Liquid Loft» .

As a performer she worked with:  «Na.sH» dance theater (RU); «BDDC»  dance company (RU); «PO.V.S.Tanze» dance company  (RU);  «Monkey Production» dance company (RU); choreographer  Diego Gil (NL) and participated as an independent artist in various international art projects in Russia and Europe.

As a choreographer she had worked on several plays in drama theaters, such as: «Praktika Theater»  |Moscow, «BallhausOst Theater »  |Berlin.    «Theater .DOC» |Moscow;  «Künstlerhaus» |Salzburg; «Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus»;  «Center of dramatic art and direction» (CDR)  | Moscow. 

In 2008 and 2009 was an artist in residence in «Tsekh Dance Agency » |Moscow. There she produced two solo pieces «Blackout» and «The Superman’s Last Supper». Later, during her studies in Austria, Sonya created four pieces as a choreographer: «The Day Before»«Leck Mich Im Arsch»«Rocking Stars» and «The Game Has No Name».  In 2013 created a piece «left I – right I»  in collaboration with Berlin based artist Marcela Giesche. Production was co-produced by «Dock11» theater.  

Her works had been shown on festivals around the world:  TanzTage Berlin ; Lucky Trimmer |Berlin;  100 Grad Berlin Festival;   Zürcher Theater SpektakelMonth of Performance-Art BerlinACT Festival  Bilbao| Spain; BE Festival | Birmingham;   International Non-Verbal Theatre Festival PERSONAL PROFILE  Moscow| Russia; Plums fest Moscow|Russia;  TsEKh Moskva – Berlin Contemporary Dance Festival  |Berlin;  New Faces – New Dances (2011)  |Salzburg;  International Theater Festival MESS
  |Sarajevo;  Skena Up Festival |Kosovo  and others.

Sonya is awarded with the «Best Performer in Dance» for the piece «The Day Before» at «ACT Festival» in Bilbao (2012) and with DanceWEB scholarship (2013).