The Superman’s Last Supper















The Superman’s Last Supper   is a solo piece framed in a very center of the stage. Lonely body locked in a tiny  frame of the superman light sign and left there in order to deal with personal and unpersonal limitations. With duality that doesn’t find enough of the space in one body or multitude of the impulses that appear in the space and need to be caught and transformed right away by the body of  the performer.


What can happen to you when you are left alone in the studio with yourself  and some thoughts regarding new piece?Start to improve concept?

Start to communicate to objects/sounds or being controlled by them?

Get emotional?


Start to cut your nails?Jump?Try to fly?


… or when you are left in a huge infinite space with y
ourself again and sensation of the limitations of your body?Start to use your imagination?Get emotional?Observe?

Sing a song?

Get hungry?

Try to fly?


or perhaps you may feel limitation of the whole universe?

What then?…


Perhaps you start to trigger your superman’s abilities in order to brake the borders and increase the possibilities. How far can you go? What happens then?



Concept, choreography, performance, lights:  Sonya Levin

Sound design: Fedor Fedorovich

Duration: 23 min






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